Friday, March 30, 2012

May the Juice Be Ever In Your Favor

Have juicer will travel.  DH has been out of the country for work for a while, and is still gone for a while, so I took an opportunity to go “home,” and hang out with my family.   I stayed with my mama (yes, I’m 3*** years old and still call her “mama.”)  (What?  You thought I was going to TELL you my age?  Silly you.)
I DID take my juicer with me.  It appears to be in a cat crate.......but travels MUCH more quietly than either of my meowers.  

It also just happened to arrive in town (after working in the morning) on the premier date for Hunger Games (no pun intended.)   I am still a little bitter about not being able to have popcorn during my cleanse.  I more than made up for it at the movies.  Oops.  Portion control is NOT my strong suit.    Was a great time with my OMGin sister and her DH (you’ll have to ask her what that stands for in her house), my mama and stepdad, and my cousin who I haven’t seen in a very long time.   Movie was GREAT!!  (No spoilers - other than Katniss has a waistline like Scarlett O’Hara.)

Saturday was a lazy day, but we did venture out in town, ran some errands.  Where my mother told everyone about juicing and told people about my blog.  Was cute to see her excited about it.  If ONLY I could get them on board!!!  I needed some produce, so we headed to the grocery store.  It was fun trying to find cactus (I made Mama ask where it was.)  (My stepdad is a borderline diabetic {skinniest one you’ll ever see} - and I wanted to make him a miracle cactus juice.)  No luck on the cactus.  They were “out” too.  Why does this keep happening!

Now I threw all my necessary produce in the cart, and we bought the rest of what we needed.   My mom thought I had easily put $50 worth of ingredients into the cart, and was SHOCKED when it added up to $12.   I used 1/4 of it while I was in town and brought the rest  home with me.  Bonus!!!
Saturday afternoon, we used the oven and there was something in the oven that made a horrific smell.   With the migraines free to destroy my body every other day, I’ve learned that smells trigger migraines for me.  I have now had 4 (out of 10) from SMELLS.  How am I supposed to combat that????    (More on my migraine issue later)

So Sunday was a no shower, lay around on the couch and hang out with my mama relaxing day due to horrendous smell induced migraine.  SO much better to lay on her couch than alone at home on mine.

Weekend was great and I loved forcing my juices on my parents :)  My stepdad decided after one juice, he will now be healthy.  I told him he would be until his next meal :)
Goooooooooooooo Katniss!!!

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