Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 Dolla Foot Looooong

Day 6 (5)- Sunday

I’m not Hangry anymore (well, after 12 pm or so I’m not).  DH may have had to look at me once and sternly advise me to “eat some food!”  

We had a soccer game early for my nephew, then I am to take my sister in law, her two kids, and mine to meet up with their dad, who is playing tennis in a different town.   I had to do some planning this am to make sure I had my breakfast and my lunch, but then had a juice to take with me as I had a four hour drive (two down and two back) ahead of me.  As DH put it, this cleanse has been, at times, like having an infant.  Lots of planning regarding timing. (This is why it’s important to look at your calendar before just up and starting a cleanse!  You don’t want to fail because you didn’t plan well!)

We are all packed up and ready to hit the road after the soccer game, but these kids are STARVING TO DEATH!  TO. DEATH.  They cannot wait the one and half to two hours until they get together with SH (Sister’s Husband) to eat.  So even though they’ve eaten recently (except for the one that just played soccer, I’ll give him a pass for being starving ;-p), we must shovel more food down their gullet.   We walk through the parking lot toward Subway.  Now I’m not hungry, as you would think I should be, but my stomach is empty.  My juice from my lunch has been thoroughly processed (don’t be gross), and I haven’t drank any water or anything recently.  Em-Teeee.

OWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh no.  Walking toward Subway, there is a smell.  That smell actually physically HURTS my tummy, it is so wonderful.  It is CHINESE FOOD.  I look quickly at DH as we come upon.......

I veer sharply to the left grabbing his arm and pulling him with me.  I’m worried this may be the end of him!   I’m scurrying away from the smell!  It doesn’t FEEL good.   Only to walk into Subway with their fresh baked bread smell.  Awesome.  This is so much fun, people.   The smaller people (except for mine that is taller than DH) get their sandwiches, and sit at a different table.  Oh wait, mine doesn’t.  He sits his scrawny butt down across from us with his Spicy Italian (which happens to be MY personal favorite), and proceeds to eat it.   He didn’t even get a 6 incher.  He got the foot long.  Always with the foot long with this one.  He’ll be hungry in 15 minutes (bet me).  Time to go wee ones!

So here comes the interesting part.  Sorry for taking so long to get to it.  Kids were going to DIE from starvation right?  They ate already today.  Mine had eaten TWICE today.  (I know they’re supposed to eat more than once or twice a day - really I do.)    I, me, myself have not eaten in Six, 6, VI days, yet I was not nearly as hungry as those kids were.  Not by half.  We say goodbye to DH, he heads home (I won’t be back in time for him to make it to his hockey game - yes, you can play a hockey game on a juice cleanse with enough energy), and we get arranged in the car.   I take a swig of my juice for my echoy empty tummy, and a couple drinks of water.  I am at once all better.  My stomach is no longer at all affected by what it was feeling over the enticing Chinese food smell, and bread smell, and I’m not feeling anything like I need to eat.  Just like that, I’m all better.  My body has lost the hunger aspect, and is in this cleanse for REAL.  So bizarre.  I found this so interesting about my hunger vs. the kids!!!!!!

Drive down, drop off - SH didn’t understand why I wasn’t going to hang out with them while they all had dinner at a steakhouse....I may be down with the cleansing, but I’m not STUPID.  I head home drinking the juice I have on the way.   I’ve learned over the weekend that slowing down on the juice consumption is MUCH better than drinking them fast like I have been.  Keeps you fuller longer, and mitigates any other “issues” you may have.

For the cleanse you are supposed to drink four 16-20 oz juices per day.  I get home from my drive, and I cannot bring myself to make my 4th juice.   With having company this weekend, making a LOT of juice to go around, and making so much this morning, I’ve just spend a lot of time juicing.  Just don’t want to  (Don't Cry, Omega 8005, we still  have LOTS of time together).  I just have a couple glasses of water and go to bed.

Some notes for the day/weekend:    We survived a houseful of company and fed them and continued our cleanse successfully.  Not one slip up, not a chip, not a sliver of cheese, not one kernel of movie popcorn, not a Chinese food buffet, no injuries to anyone who was eating.  Nothing!   I think that’s pretty awesome.   Our company are now converts!  My sister in law is juicing her breakfast (remember I’m behind on this blog....) And loving it.  The kids are having juice for breakfast too which makes me so happy!  DH had good energy for his hockey game on a juice cleanse!  He was a bit worried but he was totally fine.  He then went to work for the rest of his shift, and worked through the night.  On juice.   If he can do this for 10 days, anyone can.

Weight loss = Me ( 0 for a total of 5)   DH (1 for a total of 10)
Detox symptoms (None.  Energy is good.  I can honestly say I'm not hungry, but I do miss eating.  oh - and COFFEE)

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