Monday, March 5, 2012


DAY 5 (DH 4)

Today?    I am Hangry.

My sister in law and her DH went out of town for his tennis match, and will be gone all day.  We have our son, and their two kids for the day.  I have a hormonal surge, and an empty stomach.   It's a full house around here, people.

The kids (ages 17, 16, and 13) are VERY interested in the juicing.  They can't wait for us to juice breakfast.  To get their hands on some.  To pour my breakfast down their teenage gullets.  I'm SUCH a hormonal mess that I think I might bite their hand the next time they try to put an apple in my juicer.  I'm so ridiculous right now I can't even tell you (but I am, and it's embarrassing.)

So we make almost 2 quarts of juice for breakfast.   Yes.  Two.    We get our breakfast.  Phew!!  That was a close one.   (Insert hormonal smirk here).    Our juicer has a very small chute.  Therefore, it takes a lot of prep work to get ready to juice because of the cutting and the chopping to make sure things can fit into the chute.  So when you make a TON of juice like that, you're preparing for a while, and you're juicing for a while, and thankfully clean up is the shortest time consumer.   Then you drink it, and before you know it, its time to juice again!    What I have noticed during this fast is if the juice is too fruity, I do not feel that great afterward.  Especially if I drink it too quickly.  (I've learned to drink them slower, and I feel fuller longer.  I mean making them last 45 minutes to an hour slower.)   I do much better with almost all vegetable drinks.    DH and I have very different taste buds and it definitely shows in this cleanse we're doing.  I prefer the more savory drinks, and DH would just like them all to taste like cake.

Good lord.  These teenagers need to eat actual food for lunch.  Awesome.  While DH is juicing our lunch, they want NACHOS.  I get to prepare nachos for these wonderful turds children.   Oh, yes.  This was so much fun.   What do you do when you are arranging tortilla chips on a plate?  You put one in your mouth because its not fitting correctly, its not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  What do you do while you are grating the cheese?  You put some in your mouth because you shredded a titch too much.   Wow - those things were really fun NOT to do.   Did I happen to mention I was Hangry?

We made a more vegetabley juice for lunch.  The kids were not quite as interested. Weird.   You know what else kids need?   Dinner.   I thought an easy dinner would be some chicken sandwiches.  So I dropped the breasts into the crockpot, poured the Frank's Hot Sauce over them, and covered them.  We are set!   Wait a minute......this is one of MY favorite meals.  And I'm using a crock pot.  Crock pots notoriously make your house smell LIKE WHAT ITS COOKING INSIDE OF IT ALL DAY LONG. Too late to turn back now.  I already bought everything for it yesterday while wearing my red satin dress and heels.   What an idiot.  (Remember that comment about how the juice needed Vodka?  I do.)

Having decided to take the kids to see Sherlock Holmes at the cheap theater, it was time to head out.     Guess what they have at movie theaters!   I'm sure you guessed correctly.  Popcorn.  Heavenly buttered movie theater popcorn.   My soul dies just a little bit more AGAIN today.   Yesterday it was the focassia bread. Today its the movie theater popcorn.

Good movie :)  We go home to that aroma.  My poor soul canNOT take much more.  I'm telling you.   The kids chill out for a while, and DH prepares the accoutrements for their sandwiches.  He needed some celery, green lettuce and red onion (you'll need this info for later, there may be a quiz.)    The kids get buffalo wing sandwiches with blue cheese dressing with the veggies on top on broiled buns.   They are nice enough (and smart enough) not to sit by me while they eat.  Not even CLOSE to me, as I have the longest arms in the universe, and I can either get to their sandwich or hit them in the head for sitting near me with that sandwich.

It is time to make dinner juice.  DH recognizes that he should probably cover this tonight.  We are getting a little more experimental in our juicing.  We are feeling more confident.  Apparently.   He hands me my dinner.   It smells ....funny? Yet familiar?   "This has onion in it!!!!"   He just grins at me.   "Is it good???"   He hasn't tasted it yet.  Of course not. I taste it, and sure enough, it IS good!!!  Its VERY dinner-like.  I'm a fan.  He took the leftover vegetables that the kids didn't eat and dumped them in our juice.  Good call, babe!

Sis in law and her DH return real late and we try to stay up and chat, but we have another early morning tomorrow for more tennis and a soccer game for the 13 year old.  Never a dull moment when they come, not much down time and not much time to hang out :(  Sad face.  The good thing about their visit is that they are going to start juicing too!  My sister is law is a celiac, and is a busy hair dresser.  Then on top of that, they have a ridiculous schedule with tennis for DH, daughter, and soccer for their son.  Every night of the week is so busy for them.  Its very hard for her to get her nutrients, and have something healthy at work without spending a ton of money. Also, to have something healthy in the morning instead of cereal for the kids.   I'm very excited to see what this will add to her life.  I think it will make an incredible difference in her health!!!


Weight Loss  = ME ( 0  for a total of 5)  DH (1 for a total of 9)
Detox symptoms   = ME (My ID has gone away except for noises, the teeth things is still around, my skin looks amazing)  DH (I don't know - I didn't want to talk to him today ;-p )

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