Monday, March 5, 2012

Other People Eat Food It Turns Out

Great News!!!!!!  I can’t add.    Therefore?  It’s Day 4 - AGAIN.  (3 for the hubs.)

This new AWESOME development is because we (and by we, I mean me) are idiots.  Let me try to get beyond the obvious.  I started my cleanse on Monday.  HOWEVER, I actually DID consume food and beverage for breakfast.  Technically, nitpickally speaking, my cleanse starts with DINNER Monday night.  I die JUST a little inside.

DH started his cleanse with DINNER  on Tuesday night due to some training in the morning, and some meal whichIcannoteventypeitsnamehere afterward with his peeps which was lunch.

So there you have it.  After lunch today, I will have only finished day FOUR, and then can start on day 5.  Meaning I am NOT done when I thought I was going to be. Not a good realization.


The good news is??????   I lost another 2 pounds.  DH lost another 2 pounds.  That part of the cleanse is going well.  I have great energy today after having SUCH a crappy day yesterday.  This is good news!

Also good news?   I haven’t had caffeine since Monday morning, and it is now Friday morning, and I haven’t had a headache since Tuesday morning (which was an 8 on the Richter Scale) when I woke up.  This is SHOCKING to me.  And I’m SO happy!!!!!

Moving onward with the day.  Plans?  Well, we are having our son this weekend (Yay!), and DH’s sister and her family  (they have multiple spring sporting events in our town).   Well, we don’t so much have  Also, we are at the end of our $50-60 worth of produce from our first purchase.   We need to restock.   I need to get some dinero to my friend for our awesome Madonna tickets (WEEEE!!).  Stuff to DO!   We decide that I will go to the grocery store for the company, and DH will go refuel our produce needs.  Okay!  Hey..........I have to buy food?  I think I just got HOSED.

Before all of that, we must juice.   DH picked up an organic wheatgrass plant night before last.  Let’s have some!  I’ve had W.G. at Jamba Juice.  I think its good.  Sweet even.  Huh?  What's that you say? You’re supposed to water those?  Sorry.  Our W.G. plant is a little wiltish.  We live in the wettest place in the freaking US (almost), why would I ever think this plant was THAT dry???   So we cut the W.G., put it in the juicer.......and not much happens?  (Read that in a really high voice, because that’s how I’m saying it.)  We put the ENTIRE amount possible in the juicer, and we got enough for one drink each.  I don’t mean a glass each.  I mean, one swallow.  Which is fine and dandy because it truly was RANCID AND AWFUL AND HORRID.  But I watered it so we can have it again!!  (It’s almost like we’re not learning......)

Fast Forward to my friend's house.  We chat for a bit about juicing.  She wants me to break down cost for her.  I work out that so far, on day 4.5, DH and I are spending about $2 to $2.50 per drink, and we’ve had about roughly 32 drinks. (Hey - I CAN add!!!)  When you aren’t eating anything else, and you are eating VERY well (completely healthy), I think this is great!   We would spend MORE than this on groceries, and my lunches at work, and his coffee while on shift.   I’ve heard people talking about $75 a day for a cleanse for ONE person, and I just want to know where the doodlepants they are shopping!  We could go all organic, but we haven’t.  We do have some organic stuff.  Just not all.  That was fun to figure out!

On to the grocery store!!!  Where they’ve never ever served samples before...well, Today.  Today is the day they choose to serve samples.  Of cheesy foccasia bread.  There were about 7 different tables of samples, but all I can remember is the bread.  Really?  Today?   And they didn’t have any cactus leaves.  Mope.

Yes, I wear tight satin red dresses and heels to the grocery store!  I'm actually RUNNING away from the freaking sample people!!!

DH can’t find his wallet.  Anywhere.  At all.  So he cannot procure the produce.  He must look for the wallet.  I go get the extra produce, and find at the little produce market by our house that they have special juicing apples just for us!  Love them  (because they are WAY cheaper!!!!!!!   I spent about $24 today...which turns out wasn’t enough.  We went right through that, and need replenishing really soon.  But my bags were heavy and I couldn't carry anymore.  Apples are heavy and I'm a wimp.

And the wallet?  Was in his locker at work.  Where he's already looked.  Boys.

Weight Lost  =   ME ( 2  for a total of 5)   DH (2 for a total of 8)
Detox Symptoms - (Doing really well today, ID is WAY down - this is a good thing!!!, no headaches, DH is not feeling the need for caffeine after his long shifts)

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