Thursday, March 8, 2012


Day 8 (7 for DH) - Tuesday

Hello day off!  Nice to see you again.  DH is off today too.  First order of the day?  Juicing! Weird, I know!  Need some breakfast.  DH needs some “breakfasty” juice.  We need to go to the CPA first thing this morning.  Other than that, nothing on the agenda.

We head to the appt.   Quite painless (so far).  Until we get a $20 parking ticket.  Thank you for that poorly marked “we’ve removed all of our parking meters and made it look like you don’t have to pay anymore” city.  Charging that to the CPA.  Think he’ll pay?

We want to stop by this adorable produce market on the way home.

Juice Fasters DREAM this place!    It just goes on and on!  And so reasonably priced, and all the veggies and fruits are so pretty, and large!!!!   We are there for a while, people.   We’re like kids in a candy store!

5 huge full bags for $33!   We’ve spent $25 for two little bags at the other market we’ve stopped at.  This is close to our house so I’m pleased, but wish we would have checked it out sooner.

Hey - guess what.  We can count down to the end in HOURS now if we want to.  HOURS.  But I don’t want to.  Because that means I’m counting down to Stage 5.  But we are HOURS from the end of a 10 day cleanse.   That is pretty freaking awesome.

When we get home, we make a juice with beets for the first time.  They make pretty pulp ;-p  The juice is beautiful, delicious, and it is listed in the recipes under “Beet It.”

We discuss dinner Thursday night some more.  I pull up the menu of a place we decide might have some options to avoid Stage 5.  This is a topic we discuss a lot.   Stage 5 avoidance.  How.  When.  Where.  Not Why.  I think the Why is quite obvious.   Like the title of this post says, I’m worried that my intestines are plotting against me, and are going to get revenge on me, eventually.  Revengetually.

Guess who has to work 24 hours tomorrow?  Not me.  DH will need LOTS of juice to take with him.  This is about half of what it takes to send someone away for 24 hours on a juice cleanse.   

And so we juice.  We concoct an experiment with all of our glorious new produce.  When we get done throwing everything in the juicer that we can think of, we look at the juice, at the pulp remnants, at just...everything.   What in Richard Simmons' name did we MAKE???

It’s pretty good, but man, hard to look at!   I’m not sure that color even has a name.  We made two liters of that (it is under the recipes tab labeled “Richard Simmons.”)   We then begin another round of juicing.  At this point, I have stalks of kale dancing in front of my eyes.  By the end of the marathon juicing event, we have 3.5 liters of juice for him to TAKE to work, plus his breakfast is already made waiting for him in the fridge.  Homeboy is SET.  Again, if anyone ever complains that they can’t possibly do a juice fast....I’m not the one to complain to.  My DH leaves home for 24 hours, and he is doing it!

After that, we are juiced! (See what I did there?)  Off to bed we go.  (Don’t be dirty.)

Weight loss =   Me  (1 for a total of 7.5)   DH (.5 for a total of 12)
Detox symptoms   (None)

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