Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

Day 9  - Wednesday!

I am awake well before I need to be, so I lay in bed a bit to obsess over my blog.  I am really enjoying stalking myself to see how many people are reading about our liquification journey!  First thing I see when check my phone?   A text from my sister telling me that her juicer can kick my juicer's butt!!!   Because?  Her juicer tells her to add alcohol.  (PS - my FRIENDS tell me to do that - I don't need my juicer to....)  So apparently, my sister's OMG looks like this.

And the "G" stands for Gin.

I head downstairs to make breakfast and lunch, sans alcohol.  After last night's juice marathon, you would think I would be loathe to even pull out a stalk of celery this morning.  Not at all, thankfully.  I put my phone in the speaker box, turn on Pandora, and start pulling things out of the fridge.  I do love me some Michael Jackson.  Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough comes on.  We are juicing AND dancing.  Because, obviously, I am UNABLE to stop until I have enough.  I'll starve people.

Yes, my window shades are open downstairs.  No, I don't care who sees my awesome juice jig.  I've practiced because I've played Michael Jackson: The Experience on the Wii.

What's not as awesome this am?   I have a migraine.  A good MJ dance off by myself in the kitchen wasn't enough to talk my head out of it.   After the migraine that first morning, I have not had even a regular headache throughout this endeavour.  Last night, I had herbal tea.  The artificial flavor in my herbal tea gave me a skin reaction that I normally get from preservatives.  Well, low and behold, preservatives also trigger a migraine.  Something I did not think went hand in hand with the rash.  This cleanse has allowed me to isolate a trigger for my migraines.   The rash happens quite a bit (and its on my FACE so it sucks) because preservatives are hard to pin down.  I avoid a TON of them, and I also don't always react.  It's a very hard sensitivity for me to deal with.  But I had no clue that they were also a trigger (for me) for a migraine.  Probably because currently, I am on that hideous medication.  Thankfully, I'm currently flushing that medication out of my system with this cleanse (my reason for doing this), and tapering off so I will be free of it completely within a week.  So now I know about that, and I'm so happy!  I'm really hoping that my juice today can take away the sharpness of this pain as I don't want to take anything for it.

I speak to my sister in law on the way to work (legally) to discuss her juicing this week.  She was able to watch over the weekend how our masticating juicer worked, and she has a centrifugal juicer.  She said that her pulp is very wet compared to ours (ours is SUPER dry).   I was asking her about her juicer, how it works, etc etc and then she said, "IT'S VIOLENT!"  "THE FRUIT EXPERIENCE A VIOLENT ACT!!"  
Apparently, the juicer just explodes the fruit inside by spinning it around, well, violently - we don't have that kind so I haven't witnessed it, but I found her description delightful!

By 1pm my migraine had left on its very own.  I did some reading on juicing for migraine preventing, and juices for when you actually have one.  Not to wish one upon myself, but I kind of want to try  out what I found: carrots and as much ginger root as you can take to STOP it in its tracks.  I can't wait to see if it works.

Poor DH - it was his cook day today.  He has to cook for 9-10 people, and not be able to eat it himself.  I felt worse for him than he did.  He was not bothered by it at all.  He was going to be making some really amazing stuff too.  He's a better man than I.  He said it didn't bother him at all, and he wasn't even tempted to try anything to make sure it was edible.  I told him he should just tell them they were having juice.

My evening was my monthly bunco game (no I'm not 54).  Yay!  I had to miss last month- first time since my good friend and I formed it 29 months ago.  Not that I'm counting.  I even won for the first time in 15 months.  I had some kind of curse over me that it took NOT going one month to break!  Was a great time and the wine smelled great.  But so does my OMG.  (Not to be confused with my sister's OMGin.  She'd probably take that to bunco.)
Some people tasted my OMG, and some people chose to just smell it.  We discussed a lot about juicing, hopefully not too much though :)   Maybe some more people will start drinking my koolaid juice!!

All in all, a good day minus the migraine.

Weight Loss = ME (.5 for a total of 8.5)   DH  (0 for a total of 12)
Detox Symptoms (None at all - migraine from preservative in tea)

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