Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Day After Yesterday

Day 11 - Friday - The Day After

So you eat half a salad and you gain a pound?  Seriously?!  I have said all along, I know I will gain some of the weight back, as I’m sure some of what came off HAD to be water weight.  But I didn’t expect it to be the very next morning after I chewed food for a whole 15 minutes!  Fickle fickle body.

So here I am, the morning after a 10 day cleanse.  I have my breakfast of “The 6" that I talked about yesterday (2 apples, 2 celery stalks, 2 carrots).   Here is a link that talks about the health benefits of this juice specifically.  Benefits of Apple, Carrot & Celery Juice   Super Juice!!!!!   I add my usual large coin of ginger (because I love it, and it has awesome health benefits of its own.  Such as:

Ginger can block the effects of the substance that cause inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain and can lead to migraines, is effective for relieving nausea even in pregnancy, has properties that help in relieving menstrual cramps, has anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, it has a warming action on the upper respiratory tract, so it has been used to treat colds and flu, stimulates digestion and alleviates stomach cramps, has a wholesome effect on the circulatory system as it makes the platelets less sticky and is of great benefit in case of circulatory disorders, it’s cineole content may help contribute to stress relief, and last but not least it is a great mouth freshener. 

(source - www.healthandyoga.com)

Lesson over (for now.)   Since beginning this cleanse/fast/liquification, we have instigated juicing in 5 other households.  There could be others who read this blog (because I’m super rich and famous now), that have started juicing due to my convincing stories, and just haven’t come forward to let me know how I’ve changed their life.  Don’t worry, I’m sure they will.  

Speaking of other households juicing.  I get a text from my OMGin sister today.  It’s full of Love and Affection.  Just like that band Nelson, only with less hair.  Wait, come to think of it, my sister and I actually have a LOT of hair.  Maybe we could be the new female Nelson.  But we’re not twins.  Or super cheesy.


Sorry, I was distracted momentarily by the hair.  Back to the loving text.

She loves me!  I’ve changed her life! I’m nothing if not humble, people.   

I am defrosting the chicken from last weekend’s meal that the kids got to eat in front of me where, if you will all remember, I did not hurt them.  Dang right I froze the leftovers!  There was no way I was going to NOT have that as soon as was stomachly possible.  So for my second meal off the juice cleanse, I will have the Frank’s Hot Sauce chicken on salad (instead of a ciabatta bun).  It’s so amazing, I could eat it every single day.

DH is at a meeting this morning.  I am putzing around on the internet, because now I can.  I can go anywhere I want (don’t be dirty.)   Pinterest, I’ve missed you!   I have some darn good recipes pinned on there that I’m excited to make now that we have clean intestines.  I don’t want them to get dirty again.  

I am having coffee for the first time today!  EXCITING!   I am not having very much, as I didn’t have a migraine the entire time I was on the cleanse due to caffeine withdrawal (which shocked me), and I was a bit worried that having it now after 10 days might GIVE me one.  Well, fast forward, it did not.   I can’t wait to go to work on Monday and have Work Coffee.  My favorite!

Medication report.  I’ve been weaning off the medication this whole cleanse under the direction of my doctor (this is important, people!!).  At this point, I have one week left before I’m completely free.  I started at 150 mg a day, and I’m down to 50 mg.  Fingers crossed.  I’m still planning to juice twice a day to continue to flush this out of me.

Any of my minions readers out there juicing?  What makes you want to?  What makes you hesitate?

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