Saturday, March 3, 2012

No Coffee and No Pinterest!!!

Day 4 (DH's Day 3)

For three days I've felt fantastic.  This is the opposite of all the things I've read about liquification. Your first two days are supposed to not be great.  You're supposed to feel hungry, tired, poopy (literally and figuratively.) Today is when I'm supposed to start feeling wonderful, energetic and awesome with the highest of concentration levels.  Well, you know what?  Screw that.  That's pretty much my attitude this fine morning.  Today I feel like crap.

I want coffee today.  I'm on my way to work, and I am SO MAD that I can't have any!  Who does Joe Cross think he is?  (For those of you catching up, he's the dude who got super healthy on   Is he the boss of me?  I think NOT.  Does he have any idea how much I love our coffee at work.  How much I look forward to that?  I think NOT.  So. Mad.

Well, I have to work.  So I get my hot herbal tea, and pretend like it's awesome.  I pretend like its coffee.  I have a crappy imagination, people.  You know what else I can't do other than enjoy coffee?  Be on Pinterest.  People post the most beautiful pictures of food.  A LOT.  I can't just ignore them.  Because they are EV.RY.WHERE.   So I am Pinterestless this week.  I did try - and it made me want things I normally don't even LIKE!!!  I don't  like desserts, for the most part.  I'm not a candy, cake, cookie, pie type of gal.  Guacamole and salsa all the way.  Salty over sweet any day of the week (I'm REALLY hungry tonight as I type this......)   So being on Pinterest?  HOLY!  Do you see that 18 Layer German Chocolate Cake?  PIN IT!   Lasagna made from scratch that will take me 4 hours?  PIN IT!   Zucchini tomato gratin???  PIN IT!!!!!   Crab Stuffed Mushrooms??  PIN IT!!!  (Oh wait..I really do want that. SEE ??????!!!!!)

Back on track here.....Before work, during my grumpiest,  I made extra juice for my day.  (Green Juice 3.0 from the Recipes tab above.)  I was feeling THAT kind of day coming on.  I had breakfast, and I made enough for lunch AND a late afternoon snack just in case.  It's a good thing, because I started lunch at 11:30 (normal lunch time for me is 12:30.)

Today was not a total loss for our household.   DH had his 24 hour shift.   We prepared his juice the night before (lunch and dinner) and he made his own breakfast.   This task of having juice and no food was going to be difficult for him as he has to eat with his crew.  Lunch wasn't too bad as it wasn't a meal he just couldn't pass up.  Good?  Yes.  But he could resist.  He was prepared for the ribbing.  Which he definitely received, as they think he's a nut job and seemed to enjoy letting him know.  But dinner.  Oh.....dinner.  They had one of his favorite meals.  That was not fun for him.  Fresh bread.  Lots of cheese involved.

The day wore on for me, and I was feeling worse, worse and worse.  I wasn't hungry really, I just wanted to EAT something!  Well, I still just wanted coffee, dangit!  I was feeling very lethargic.  I just wanted to go home, and go to bed.   Well, I get home, get all snuggie (not a typo) on my couch, and I get a phone call.   DH has learned that he might have to continue working in the morning past his normal 7 am leave time.  Well, that's not good.  He needs more Juice!!!  I need more NAPS!   So I rest for a while, and then get up to make him breakfast and lunch in case he has to work more when he gets off work.

I drive to his work, and I walk in the door.  OMG (not Original Mean Green here) did that place smell phenomenal!  I love garlic like it was my own child, and they obviously made their cheesy meal with lots of that glorious bulb.  I'm salivating just typing about that smell.   Hold please.  I need to go masticate a juice.

DH on the other hand, other than the dinner he had to suffer through, had a great day.  He felt really good throughout the day.  Discovered he LOVES the Tazo Vanilla Rooibos tea they serve at Starbucks.  He now owns himself a fancy tin of it.

You know what, Omega, we've been spending a LOT of time together.  I feel like I should know more about you.  Your hopes, your dreams.  I know you hear about my problems all day, and I realize I've been doing a lot of taking in this relationship.  What can I do to give a little back here?  

Day Over!

Weight Lost = Me (.5  Total 3)     DH  (3  Total 6)
Detox Symptoms  = Me (ID, teeth thing still, SO GRUMPY, runny nose, heavy chest)   
DH (He's yippy skippy today)

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