Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not That Juice Blog

This is not that juice blog.   I’m probably not going to have pictures of the veggies and fruits I’m about to juice, or did juice, and what they look like in juice form (unless it’s a totally rancid batch!)   I’m not going to make you look at my immaculate kitchen after juicing, while focusing on my beautiful glass of bright green alien juice (because my kitchen currently looks like a vegetable BOMB went off.)   What I will do for you is tell you what this juice fast is doing for and to me and my DH (dear hubby or dang hubby depending on the day) as we go along on this liquid journey.   I’ll share our recipes here, as I know that is a very important google search for people, ourselves included!   I’m retrofitting this blog, as I’m in hour 21 of day bear with me people as I get this bad boy up and running.

Oh - and welcome to my first blog experience.  Hang up your coat and stay awhile.  We both might learn something!   Here is a picture of someone else's juice!

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