Saturday, March 3, 2012

And What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

Day 3 People (Day 2 for DH in case you're not keeping track.)  

I woke up this morning feeling a little less like P. Diddy than usual.  My bottle of Jack is empty, therefore, I use boring old toothpaste to brush the DISGUSTING film off my teeth.  Yes, this is a nice side effect of this scouring of your insides you will get to experience after you start your very own juice cleanse.  Among others, which I will get to in due time.   Anyway, this film on your teeth lasts all day, no matter what you do.  It's fanTAStic!  I know you can't wait.

Next order of business?   The scale.  I step on.  I step off and back away.  Because I can't believe my eyes.  I get right back up on that horse, and wait for the number again.   It came BACK!   My wondering eyes see that I have lost 2.5 pounds in ONE day.   Now, my friends, my main reason for doing this cleanse is not for the weight loss it may bestow upon me, but hey, I'm going to give every pound I leave behind a hearty kick in the rear!

Fast forward, I make my breakfast and lunch, and am off to work.  Lots of energy flowing this morning.   I don't care that I can't have any coffee,  and am not feeling hungry.  Things are going well.  There aren't any cookie wielding witches on the elevators this morning.  No roadblocks so far!

I am allowed to drink herbal tea, and I walked to the store earlier in the morning to grab a box.  I've been drinking that this morning and it's a nice addition to the repertoire.  I've decided not to drink my lunch in the lunchroom today.  I think I'd be fine, but I'm just not feeling like seeing everyone's awesome food.

I talk to DH around my lunchtime.  Things aren't going as well for him on his Day 2.  Things are bad.  He's still starving, because he has such a hard time drinking the juices.  I think I've probably consumed twice as much juice as he has, therefore, I'm not as hungry.  He's very tired, and doesn't have much energy at all.   This is very normal for Day 2. This link ( describes the process of the cleanse and what it is doing to your body, and how you may be feeling.  I found it fascinating, and very helpful in sticking with this liquification.

Okay, fast forward through my work day (and my avocado, which I did NOT fast forward through.)  I go home to find my poor, hungry, lethargic DH in the chair with his iPad, wanting some chinese food.  Poor guy.  Maybe we should juice some bok choy?  I'm thinking that won't help.

He was ready for bed around 7pm.  But we managed to stay up long enough to watch ANTM, since there is a model from our home state this cycle.  DH just couldn't miss who was eliminated first round!

Weight Lost = Me 2.5!!!   DH = 3!!!!!  

Detox symptoms = Me  (Intestinal Distress, Filmy teeth)    DH  (Lethargy, Hunger)

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