Monday, March 12, 2012

And I Managed Not to Add Vodka a Single Time!!!

Day 10, Ten, X - Thursday  THE VERY LAST DAY!  WE ACTUALLY DID IT!

It’s the last day!  Since I started in the middle of the day, I get to end in the middle of the day!  2:00 pmish - here I come!

Alarm is going to go off soon, but of course, I’m already awake (hope that continues).  Good thing too because DH calls tells me that he has to work an extra 4 hours this morning.   We are not done with this cleanse technically until 2:00!!   We have dinner plans with my brother-in-law (BIL) tonight, but we need to finish this out.  “What do you want me to do?” he asks.   I think that’s “DH” for,  “Can you bring me some juice?”  So instead of getting up to make my breakfast and lunch, I now need to get up and make my breakfast, and his breakfast, and get to the station, and THEN get to work on time.  My morning just got a little busier than usual.

Thankfully I had done some research earlier in the week for some places around my office that I could go to in a pinch if need be.  Well, guess what- today I’m pinched!   There just happens to be a little shop across the street from my building so I knew I would be fine for my lunch, so I didn’t have to create another 3 liter marathon juice this morning. I could just make the same amount I normally would - and take half to him.  Long story long, I get him his juice, and I get to work on time!  Go me!  However, the time I needed for a shower was replaced by the extra drive time to get the juice to him.   Whatever, don’t look at me like that.  It’s not like I root around in dirt all day long in the hot hot sun.  I can go 36 hours without a shower!

I get to work, and am well aware that today is the last day.  It seems so bizarre.  This juicing thing is so normal for me now.  I’m not hungry really.  It is kind of a relief not to have to talk about what’s for dinner every night.  Tonight?  I already know what I’m having for dinner.   Chinese chicken salad.  Sounds very “safe.”  Sounds like a lot of raw veggies.   We are supposed to break this fast slowly, and I think that’s pretty slow.  And I think you know why I’m concerned about safety.

Stage 5 fear lurks in the back of my head all day long.  Again, why are we stopping?  I don’t see a reason to.  I’m fine the way things are.  I’ll just drink juice for the rest of the month.  Saves us a lot of money anyway.

For lunch I walk across the square and get my $4.75 (!!!!) Apple Carrot Celery juice.  It’s very yummy and I can’t believe this isn’t a combo I have tried.  People, if you’re juicing - it’s the easiest, fastest and BEST juice.  2 apples, 2 celery stalks, 2 carrots.   Makes 12-16 oz depending on the size of your provisions.  Double it, and you have enough for two humans.   I love love LOVE this juice.  (Have had it every morning since Thursday, but of course, I add ginger.)

Fast forward to the end of the day.  I can eat.  DH can eat.   But have we?  Emphatic No.

Dinner is at 6:30.  We meet my BIL there.  I notice the very large distance between our table and the bathroom. We order.  I anticipate the food.  Not because I’m super excited to eat.  I think that’s a misconception people have about this.  I don’t have this overwhelming excitement/relief  to start eating again.  And not just because of Stage 5.   I am not really missing it anymore.  At one point when I wasn’t hungry anymore (day 4-6ish), I still missed eating.  But since Monday or so, I don’t even miss that.  I’m weird.   But also scared of Stage 5.

Here come our Huge Salads.   DH and I have the same thing.  Of course, they put a beautiful slice of cheesy garlic bread on the side of my plate.  Yes, I did have a bite of it.  It tasted good, but it was sooo greasy.  I feel like if anything is going to cause a ruckus, it is going to be this wet bite of grease.  Bleck.   I eat very slowly, listening to every sound my abdomen makes.   I’m participating in the conversations, don’t get me wrong.  Even the parts where my BIL side eyes me and asks, “Everything okay still?”   I feel like a ticking time bomb.  

I end up only eating half my salad, as I was FULL very quickly.  They say that will happen for several days.  Fine with me.  We go back to our place and visit for a while - and .......Stage 5 was completely averted people.  I know you were all hoping for some kind of Dumb and Dumber story, but you’re not going to get one.  And do not think it is lost on me how MUCH you wanted something like that to HAPPEN TO ME.

DH and I discuss at the end of the evening how we feel as though we did something really bad with the eating of the food.   Cheaterpants, the both of us.  Neither DH or I have eaten a single solitary thing we were not supposed to for the entire 10 days (9.5 for DH).   Starting to eat again seemed wrong.  Several days later (yes, still behind on this blog....) I’m still feeling like I shouldn’t be eating.

I thought it might be interesting for some of you to know what it cost for us to do this.   I added up all that we spent on produce.   For a 10 day cleanse, we spent $170.54.  That’s $17.05 per day, $8.53 per person for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack every day for 10 days.

I was shocked it was so little.  I knew we hadn’t spent much to get started, but then we were getting quite a bit of produce once we zeroed in on the things we used the most (GREEN APPLES).  Even if you add in the cost of our juicer, it would still only be $37.75 per day, or $18.88 per person.   However, our juicer will last us a pretty long while (has 10 year warranty), so I choose not to add that into the cost, because its still working hard for us every day.

We did it - and we’re still married! 

I didn’t have to buy DH this shirt for his birthday :)

Weight Lost = Me (1 for a total of 9.5!!)   DH (.5 for a total of 12.5)
Detox Symptoms (none)

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  1. YEY!!!! Congrats! :) So happy you guys did it and exceeded your expectations.