Friday, March 2, 2012

Smells Like You Just Mowed the Grass

Day 2 for me.  Day 1 for DH.   I get to go to work today!!  Which means I have to leave the house and enter the cold, cruel world of restaurants, billboards with ENORMOUS pizzas on them, and other people who are eating.

I get up early to make my breakfast juice.  I don't need to make my lunch juice as I have it already from last night's Original Mean Green batch (hereinafter OMG).    I had the Apple-Cucumber Yummer from the Recipes We've Tried page.  I LOVED this one.  Very quick to make and it's a very light juice.

This day, I'm not feeling very hungry.  I think I'm still very revved up about what we're doing.  I'm inspired people!  I can DO THIS.   I'm not even that sad over the no coffee thing.  At work we have awesome coffee too.  I can do without for a few days.  By this time next week, I can have coffee again.  Do you see how I'm typing in super short sentences?  Yes.  I'm trying to psych myself up to get out of the car.

I have the elevator to myself until 4 ladies get on with me.  They need to ride to the 14th floor. I get off on the 9th floor.  They sure are close to me.  With their Starbucks.  And their hot, fresh lemon ricotta cookies from Nordies.   REALLY?  This elevator is not that small.   You do NOT need to put your cookie IN MY FACE, woman.  You're going to lose a hand.   BING!  Time for me to go.  Her lucky day.

Skip forward one hour.  I just don't go in the break room where the coffee is.  Because that's where it is.  And if I go in there, where it is, I'm going to smell it, the coffee.  I avoid.  The coffee.  And its aroma.

And then comes the text.   DH is hungry!!!!!   He wants food!!!!!   His body is meant to eat food!  He is starving.    I tell him to drink juice.  We can have as much as we want.  It is food.  He made some but he thinks it is foul and mysterious and he wants chinese food.   I picture this.

I brave the lunchroom for my juicy lunch hour.  Stupid!  This is where people eat food,  and people I work with eat well.  They always have yummy stuff :(  Especially today.   Darling R comes in and my jar of OMG stops her in her tracks.  I trust that with the ginger, R will like it.  She smells it.  "Smells like grass."   "Try it - I know you'll like it!"   She smirks a bit.  But she tries it.  Scowls.  "The lemon helps a bit."  Turns away from me.  Turns back.  "It needs pineapple and vodka."    (I don't disagree with her on this point.)  R proceeds to eat her Salmon Bento.   Darling N comes in.  She smells it.  "Smells like grass!!"   She makes a sad face for me - not at me.  There is a difference.   N proceeds to eat her Thai soup.   Darling M enters our sacred space.   Skip to her smelling my OMG.   "Smells like grass!"  Thai soup for M too.   And then we have Darling G.  She comes in a bit later and she wants to know what the h*!! I'm doing?!?!  She also informs me I'm losing my color from my vacation (she's been very mindful of my tan levels since I've been back).  I make her smell it.  "You're crazy.  It smells like you just mowed the grass!!!"   Darling G will be juicing by the time I'm done with this blog.  I'll bet a bag of popcorn on it.

I am downing water to keep my belly full until I get home.  I brought an avocado with me because on this juice cleanse, and for situations like when you work away from home (and DH who works 24 hour shifts), you can eat all of the things you would normally juice.  An avocado wouldn't actually juice so well, but that's what I brought.  Stop telling me I'm wrong.  I ate it and I didn't die.

Toward the end of the afternoon, the texting begins again.  DH wants chinese food for dinner.  Can we please have chinese food for dinner.  (See above DH caricature to remind yourself what I'm picturing.)   I told him no.  I did not want to stop.  I was full steam ahead baby, I didn't want to be derailed by mar far chicken and a fortune cookie.  But the man is relentless about his favorite meal.  I finally told him that I was not forcing him to liquify with me.  He needed to choose for himself.  But that if he was going to eat the sweet & sour - he MUST eat it before I got home because that would be SUPER rude!!

(Real time side note:  He just yelled "Chinese!" When I asked him if he wanted to go to the gym later.)

I get home and he has not gone the way of the food.  We are in this together.

We make Green Juice 2.0 for dinner, and have a concoction of pears, grapes, cucumbers and spinach for our 4th drink of the day.

Weight Lost =  None yet.
Detox symptoms = None yet.

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  1. You and the hubs are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work! XO