Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where the Juice Came From

Let’s go back to where all this liquid detoxification talk started, shall we?

Picture this.   It was last Friday......6 long days ago.    DH works 24 hour shifts, and I was home watching every episode of The Walking Dead I could get my hands on.   My lovely sister and darling BFF have been bugging me to watch this show for .....EVER.   My response was always, “I’m not really into, you know, zombies.”  Well, I finally gave in, and watched the first episode.  After that, it was all over for me.   I basically became a zombie myself, thirsting only for episodes of this dastardly show!    This past Friday, I watched.....8 episodes?  Yes.  Eight.  Why yes!  I AM proud of that.  No. I didn’t shower that day.  Don’t judge me.  I don’t have kids at home.  I can do that if I want to.  Not leave the house, not shower, drink wine at 3 pm....those types of things.

Back on point.  During the afternoon episodes, DH texts me and tells me he just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead .   He says it was “amazing,” and that I should watch it.  I tell him I absolutely will.   Riiiight after I’m done with Rick and Shane killing all of these Walkers.   I get several texts through the evening hours to see if I have watched it yet.   The Walkers are not all dead yet!   Then finally a call at 10:30 pm.  I’m Just about to watch it!  Promise!

I should mention that we are scheduled to have his son this weekend.  We have to drive 5 hours away to be with him.  There are blizzard conditions we will be driving through and I need to get up at 6:30 am to get ready to go.  So I start Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead at 11:00 pm.  Excellent Plan!

I am enthralled, inspired and at one point in tears.   If you haven’t seen this documentary, I highly recommend it.  It is inspiring to say the least.  I suffer from severe migraines, and take a very strong medication to prevent them.  Lately, instead of suffering from the migraines, I suffer from the nasty side effects of the medication.  By the time this movie was over, I KNEW I was juicing.  I didn’t know whether DH and I were going to fast together, if I would fast alone, or if we would just add juicing to our every day life.  But I knew I would be using this to get off my medication.

In the morning, DH came home and asked if I watched.  Of course I did, silly! (Just really dang late.)  “Does it make you want to start juicing?” I ventured.   “Yes!!” He ventured back.    Now people, DH and I don’t eat terrible.  We have the occasional fast food (this is when we have these 5 hour treks), and we like to eat out.  But at home, we usually eat pretty healthy. We don't buy snacks (which makes visiting us very uncomfortable for his sister and her family!) DH drinks a LOT of caffeine in the form of coffee and diet soda.  I would love to see him get off the diet soda.  I weaned myself off last year - and I LOVE me some Diet Pepsi.   I have one large cup of coffee every day, and I have a love/love relationship with it.  We committed to getting a juicer when we returned home and starting a fast.

In the meantime, over the weekend at his parents house, we ate like we weren’t ever going to eat again.  Biscuits and Gravy.  Birthday Cake.  Strawberry Pie.  Diet Pepsi.  Birthday Cake.  Biscuits and Gravy. Hugest Omelet Ever.   ...... Come to think of it.....we always eat like that when we visit that town..... it’s like some kind of terrible eating vortex zip code.

Then we came home on Sunday - fat and happy!  Only because we hadn’t started our fast yet....


  1. This is the best blog I ever read. :)

  2. I think the juice diet sounds very interesting. Maybe your husband could be the control, and wait a couple of weeks before trying it?