Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great Balls of .... Energy???

Cookie dough.  We all like it right, even though we're not supposed to eat it.  I do NOT like cookies (well, except for those super fluffy ones that are frosted for the upcoming holiday and sold in little plastic containers at the FRONT DOOR of the grocery store), but I really like cookie dough.   As long as it doesn't have chocolate chips in it - GAG.   I choose cookie dough ice cream somewhere, and I just eat out the little balls of cookie dough, and leave the ice cream.  (I don't really like ice cream.)

I've already lost track of what I was going to write about....my emotions are all over the place.  First I thought about cookie dough, then I thought about those freaking frosted cookies that I hate when people buy because I'll eat them (Did you have any cookies???), and then I end it with thinking about biting into a chocolate chip.  The Worst.   This blog is supposed to be about health right? Here I am talking about sugar sugar sugar, that I normally don't WANT.

Onward.  WAY back when I posted about what to do with your pulp from juicing (Pulp Fiction), I talked about the PB Chewies that I was going to try.  I finally made them last week.  I wish I hadn't waited so long.  They truly are DELICIOUS.   I bring up cookie dough, because I think they taste very similar to a ball of dough - which is GOOD NEWS.

First - here are the links to the YouTube video, and the FB page for the recipe.  (YouTube Video How To  &  Facebook Note with Recipe and Instructions)   I didn't want to forget that part :)  Because I certainly didn't create these bad boys, and I don't want anyone giving me credit unless it is due unto me.

The first time I went to make these, I didn't have any peanut butter.  Who doesn't have peanut butter?   So I took the opportunity to make my own for the first time.  HOLY - this pb is good, and so easy!!!!   I used 2 cups of roasted peanuts, 1/4 cup melted coconut oil, tsp of Agave, and some salt.  Whipped up the most amazing peanut butter I've ever tasted!!!!  

After I had my peanut butter, I started my PB Chewies recipe.   I had saved my carrot pulp from the morning before in tupperware in the fridge so I still had it to use.   I also needed ground flax seed, wheat germ (oops forgot), raw granola, raisins, sunflower seeds, agave or maple syrup, and flaked coconut if you wish.  I didn't wish.   I also added chia seeds to my balls because I'm trying to get those little suckers in everything I eat.  Why you ask?  See for yourself Top 10 Chia Benefits

So let's begin.

Hey look - there's my awesome peanut butter.  I'm going to use all of it.  What you have up there, is the entirety of the recipe, including the pb makings.   When just making the balls, you would remove the salt, and the coconut oil.  

So I go to town mixing everything together.  You need to make sure everything is incorporated so mix well!  After mixing all ingredients together, I used my medium scoop (shout out pampered chef), and placed the balls on my stackable cooling rack (pampered chef)(I pretty much have no utensils in my kitchen arsenal that aren't pampered chef).   The recipe yielded 27 balls.  

Aren't they pretty!!! Opps, we had a casualty (it accidentally fell in my mouth.)  Now there are 26.   I decided to squinch them up a bit more, so as I was putting them in their container to keep them in the fridge, I just rolled the balls between my palms (don't be dirty.)  I put a few in a baggie so I could take them to work the next day for my afternoon snack (and to share with my co-workers.)  

With DH still being gone, I had all 26 to myself.  I ate a ball each morning for breakfast along with my juice.  SO satisfying!!  They are really tasty.  They are sweet - so if you have a sweet tooth, this is what you can make instead of brownies.   PACKED with protein, and fiber - you just can't lose.  Unless you're like me and have no willpower where portion control is concerned.  I took that baggie to work and intended to share MOST of them.  Well, I ate 4 and gave two away.   I'm TERRIBLE and selfish, but with a happy tummy!!!

If you don't have a juicer yet, you can use shredded carrots instead of carrot pulp.  I personally like the pulp because its so nonexistent in the ball.  I don't know that I would like an actual carrot shred in there.  I always pick those off salads because their texture bugs me.  But....that's just me :)

I hope you guys will try these balls! They are full of yummy and energy, and who doesn't like a little of that in the afternoon (or morning.  AND morning)!   Also, you can put these in kids' lunches, offer these as treat for them when they are craving a sweet - and you can feel good about it!

Thanks Pura Vida Pantry for this awesome recipe!!!

More exclamation points!!!


  1. Thanks Jamie Sue -- gotta try this. I am always on the prowl for ways to use that pulp. And homemade Peanut Butter too! Awesome.

  2. I just found a person who dehydrates their pulp - and then runs it through the food processor to make vegetable bouillon!