Monday, October 15, 2012

Mo Money, Mo Problems (Juicing on a Budget)

Hello!!!  Long time no see.  I’m SURE you missed me.  Don’t worry, I missed you too.

Juicing continues in our household.  I didn’t have time to make one for myself this morning after not getting to sleep on time (shame on me....but The Amazing Race, The Walking Dead, Dexter, and Homeland wait for no one!)  Oh...wait.  We have a DVR.  I could have gone to bed.  But honestly...who does that?

I need a juice today :( I have the WORST sore throat and as the day goes on.....the snot settles in. (sorry....)    I’m so excited for my day off tomorrow!  I can just imagine how much I’m going to get accomplished.  I think I’ll carb load tonight for my nap tomorrow.

Anyway....... The point of my visit with you today is this:  I discovered a juicing series on one of my new favorite websites - Frugal Living NW.  (Frugal Living NW)  When she was introduced to juicing, I think her thought process was similar to what a lot of people go through.   She had a family of new juicing peeps, and was very skeptical of their new fad diet.  

She wrote about her experience in a three part series.  I have linked you to them so you can enjoy them.  You may recognize yourself in her objections, or someone you know.  

In the first part of the series, she discusses her family of juicers, and her objections to becoming yet another household of juicers.  She then discusses her objections after juicing for 3 full months.

Juicing on a Budget - Part 1 of 3

In the second part of the series, she discusses the nitty gritty of actually juicing.  Recipes, how she makes it work for their family, cleaning her juicer...etc.   There are many helpful links inserted in this second installment.

Juicing on a Budget - Part 2 of 3


In the third part of her series, and one I think I enjoyed the most: Juicing on a Budget!   I have so many people ask me about how expensive it is.  She makes a very good point about the investment of juicing, you should go read it.  

She breaks juicing on a budget down into 12 helpful steps.  A 12 step program if you will.

Juicing on a Budget - Part 3 of 3 


Now I’m going to go across the street to get a juice from Fruitlandia for $5.  Now THAT  is expensive.  But germs, just like my TV shows, wait for no one.  I need to kill them off when they least expect it.  With a direct shot to the head.

I’m out.

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