Friday, June 15, 2012

But How Much Will That Make?

This morning, I shoved the following into my juicer:
Wheatgrass (small plant’s worth)
Large Handful of Spinach 
1/3 of an English Cucumber   
1 grapefruit 
1 small beet 
1” of ginger 
2 apples
2 bunches of green grapes 
2 kiwis 
2 celery stalks 
2 Tbsp Chia Seeds  
3 carrots 
3 Kale stalks 
6 Mint Leaves 
I’ve been asked a couple times this week - but how much juice will all of that make?   1.5 liters is the answer (for this particular juice).   It will vary depending on the juice content of your produce.  This gave me breakfast and two jars for lunch.

Here is the amazing part.   Here’s what this juice is doing for my body -   I’m renewing my blood cells, fighting cancer, balancing my blood sugar, taking in multiple vitamins and minerals I need to have a well functioning body, REDUCING INFLAMMATION, PREVENTING MIGRAINES, improving digestion, protecting my body from free radicals, improving my skin, hair and nails, strengthening my heart which cuts my risk of heart disease in half, cleansing my kidneys and my liver, removing built up metals in my body, lowering my blood pressure, fighting against Alzheimer's and dementia, strengthening my bones, fighting breast cancer, lowering my LDL cholesterol, fighting insomnia, strenghtening my immune system, calming my nervous system, preventing acne and anemia, fighting congestion caused by allergies and asthma, eliminating water retention (hence the incessant peeing), normalizing my body temperature, preventing cataracts.......AND REDUCING CRAVINGS!!!
All of these juice ingredients do at LEAST one of the above actions.  Most of them do multiple things, so in some areas you’re getting hammered!!!   I looked up every single ingredient I put in that drink and copied the benefits of that particular ingredient AND I DIDN’T EVEN COPY THEM ALL!!!!   I don’t have that kind of time people.
Specifically - the Biggest Punch you're getting from dark green veggies, and why its important that THEY are the basis for your juicing and not pineapple... (something I have to discuss with DH and his need for cakejuice often.)
The power of sunshine in CHLOROPHYLL is wonderfully cleansing in the body. The greener the leaves, the more concentrated the amount of chlorophyll.
The reported health benefits from chlorophyll consumption are just too many. Taken consistently in sufficient amounts, here are some of the powerful remedial effects of this amazing substance:
  • Increases blood count
  • Detoxifies and cleansing
  • Alleviates blood sugar problems
  • Reduces or eliminates body odors
  • Relieves gastric ulcers
  • Greatly relieves respiratory troubles like asthma and sinuses
  • Kills bacteria in wounds and speeds up healing
  • Reduces inflammation pain
  • Improves bowel functions
  • Improves milk production in lactating mothers
  • Neutralizes free radicals and therefore aids in deterring some cancers.

Juicing is Kind of Amazing.  I knew I was doing my body a favor, but didn't realize just how much until I actually slacked off for the last few weeks.   I won't be doing that again.   So....why aren't you doing this yet?

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