Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Juicing for Specific Health Issues

If you've read my blog before, you know I juice to help my migraine situation (along with just wanting to put awesome things in my insides).   I also suffer from severe Endometriosis.   Since beginning my juicing journey in March, I have noticed a significant decrease in my symptoms.   Endometriosis is a disease caused by inflammation - as are SO many other conditions.   Juicing daily focusing on vegetables and fruits that reduce inflammation can help with so many disorders and conditions.  Not even focusing my juicing in that area has helped me tremendously.  

I've been a bad juicer and have slacked off way too much with my juicing in the month of May.  I am absolutely reaping what I sow too.  Less energy, SO MANY CRAVINGS!!  And my Endo symptoms were terrible this past week.  I'm a bit frustrated with my laziness, but am now paying for it, as well I should be!!   I will be restocking my fridge this evening and not just keeping the bare minimum on hand.

I wanted to share some links with you for juicing for different health conditions.   They are great resources to start to focus your juicing on something that might be bothering you, or you may find that someone else could/should benefit from the information.  I know I am!!

Why Should I Juice - and Specific Juicing Recipes for Health   This link has a great description of WHY you should juice (I get that question a lot), and some great focus recipes.

Specific Health Recipes for Conditions and Prevention

Extensive List of Juice Recipes for Health Conditions    (Even a juice for Low Libido in case you haven't read that book yet )

Immature snicker.

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